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/me enters, smoothly executing: Bow Between Equals.

High on the list of my joys is gifting folks with one or more of the Liaden books. I think it's a sin and a shame that Vamps/Zombies have more mindshare. Seriously, what sort of ethics do we want our mundane world to embrace? The better ideals of Proper Conduct would be a wonderful uplift if we'd consider application of them in our lives. Oh, wait- many of us already do :}

One of my personal concepts that some might hold as valid- is "Leading By Example" so to speak. Which is a self imposed duty upon my melant'i such as we'd use the term in this drab world we currently are limited to. Anyways- I'm going to be adding this community to my Fanac tasks list.

Here's how and why it's of personal import. My wife's a school librarian. I am plotting to get Theo Waitley slotted into the school's shelflist:}

Well- That sparked an idea. We can do a bit of Fanac in slightly subversive mien. Innocently leave the Baen link to Theo open on all the school/library/public 'puters you use.. We're not going to dent the mindblinded with so sketchy a trick that often. But?

Next Hack- making some QR stickers for Liaden Links...

Comments here or to me off list are appreciated.

/me waves hand holding "the blue wine"
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