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Flaran Cha'menthi

A Community for Friends, Fans and Followers of the Liaden Universe (tm)

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Created on 2010-08-08 19:06:28 (#544817), last updated 2012-08-22 (268 weeks ago)

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Name:Fans of the Liaden Universe Community
Website:Korval - the official webpage of the Liaden Universe (tm)
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:discussion of Liad, the Liaden Universe, and Clan Korval
There wasn't a Liaden Universe community on Dreamwidth yet, and I thought there should be one! So here it is - a place to discuss the wonderful Liaden Universe created by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller.

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aelliana caylon, agent of change, anne davies, anthora, anthora yos'galan, balance of trade, cantra, carpe diem, clonak ter'meulen, conflict of honors, crystal dragon, crystal soldier, daav, daav yos'phelium, edger, er thom, er thom yos'galan, fledgling, ghost ship, i dare, jela, jelaza kazone, juntavas, kareen yos'phelium, korval, liad, liaden, liaden universe, local custom, luken bel'tarda, miri robertson, mouse and dragon, nova, nova yos'galan, partners in necessity, pat rin yos'phelium, pilots choice, plan b, priscilla, priscilla delacroix y mendoza, ren zel dea'judan, saltation, scout's progress, shadia ne'zame, shan, shan yos'galan, sharon lee, steve miller, theo waitley, val con, val con yos'phelium
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